Visual Arts Hypnotherapy Services

Control Stress and Improve relaxation

Merely entering into a hypnotic state is a relaxing, stress-free experience. Many clients are reluctant to let go of this totally relaxed sensation even when the session has ended, mentioning that they have never felt such freedom from mental stress and such physical relaxation from any means other than the hypnotic state.

Stop Smoking

Usually only 3 sessions can completely eliminate a lifetime habit of smoking. Often the original change takes place immediately after the first session, but a more likely scenario ;s the loss of physical need for nicotine occurs within 24 hours after the first session. The two additional sessions, combined with the use of an audio recording supply the reinforcement to eliminate the habit completely and assure that it will not be attractive to the client ever again.

Increase Self Confidence

During the hypnotic state visualizations are induced of events in which the client's self esteem and self-confidence are evident and felt strongly. This effect, followed by post hypnotic suggestions that the client can and will follow are extremely effective in establishing new values of confidence and self-esteem that can be retained for a lifetime.

Overcome Fear and Guilt

Regression therapy is generally used to remove the negative emotions of fear and guilt. Going back to discover the basic cause (the memory of which is stored deeply in the unconscious mind to experience the fear or guilt felt at that time and then quickly eliminate all of the fearful or guilty emotions, clears the way for the client to regain normal reactions to events that were previously colored with the results o# the old negativity that had never been released. The result is that the client does not experience the resurfacing of these emotions to new related and possibly unrelated events in the future.

Relieve Pain

The use of post hypnotic suggestions methods of setting mental blocks and anesthesia visualizations have proved extremely successful in eliminating or controlling feeling of pain from chronic illness and from injuries.

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